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    NFC Technology Provides an enhanced experience for customers, enabling them to explore and purchase in an easier and more engaging way.


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    ONET AR Augmented Reality

    With the ONET AR App by framing billboards, business cards, flyers and gadgets with your smartphone you can view fantastic Videos and 3d reconstructions in Augmented Reality and find the best for your shopping, as well as restaurants, malls, gyms and much more! Find the activities and tourist attractions closest to you! Don't wait!

    Frequently asked questions

    It is called AR and it is one of the most innovative technologies of the moment.

    Augmented Rality, Augmented Reality, provides the opportunity for those who use it to broaden their sensory and cognitive experience and, for those who apply it to their business, to engage their users or potential customers in an exciting and useful retention by giving a plus, an added value of great effectiveness and involvement.

    The factors on which this technology is based are projection, recognition, location, tracking and overlay.
    It can be activated in various ways and using various types of devices:

    Augmented Reality on smartphones and tablets:
    certainly the most popular and well-known form of AR. A smartphone is used, in which an Augmented Reality reading application has been downloaded and started.
    The device's sensors including gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer and camera are interfaced to this application. Using the AR application will allow the user to see and observe on the smartphone display the environment the user is in exactly as it is, through the phone's camera, but enriched with all the additional information not present in the real world.
    Simply frame the surroundings with the phone's camera and all the content provided by the software can be accessed. QRCode reading is an example of Augmented Reality through smartphones or tablets. Another example: in the field of Augmented Reality applied to business, one will be able to frame a machine and see around it operating data, maintenance videos, the latest problems encountered, and more.

    Augmented Reality is such a new, innovative and powerful technology that its limit of use is only in the imagination: it is practically applicable and usable in any field where a person has an idea of how to fulfill a need or a new idea with this technology.

    Augmented Reality is currently being used in multiple areas of human experience and to some areas of work, and there are still many areas in which it can be applied in the future.

    The QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code composed of a matrix of black modules and which allows, when framed with appropriate apps, textual information such as links to websites, article codes and whatever else can be represented by a string of letters and numbers.

    However, the QR Code does not allow for information about its three-dimensional location in real space, making it effectively impossible to superimpose virtual images on the environment.

    The marker is essentially the image itself that the system will need to recognize to activate virtual content. Thanks to the evolution of technology, a marker can be any type of image, so it is no longer necessary to insert specific graphics to activate recognition (as is the case with QR CODE).

    This means that any image that is already printed, such as a catalog, brochure, or magazine advertisement, can become the reference marker, making the need to place ad-hoc objects on the graphics obsolete and consequently requiring new printing of the materials.



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