In the Her Majesty brand, the Cardinale family and the entire team of collaborators want to bring a message, that flavor and wholesomeness are the substantial foundation of the products they have been bringing to your tables for years: fruits ,vegetables,and nuts.

Our long experience in the service of Mother Nature has taught us that what is many times taken by the consumer as a flaw is a actually the strength of the products of the earth. Slightly more modest measurements and marks on the epithelium of the fruit are very often indicators of a stronger flavor,better organoleptic qualities and above all indicators of a more sustainable agriculture, with reduced use of pesticides and chemicals, that respects mother nature in all its forms.

The controlled supply chain in the treatments, the ripening that takes place on the plant, the vein of soil on which the product grows and the exposure to the sun are the elements that we monitor most in our work, and it is these that then give the products an unparalleled flavor.

The colors are dictated by the seasons and the sizes of the products are many times punctuated by the vegetative cycles of the plant itself, which unfortunately are increasingly affected by rainfall, winds and weather events that at the hands of man are increasingly unpredictable and catastrophic.

His Majesty's brand indicates to the consumer true flavor and thorough control over treatments growth,harvesting, storage and processing of products before they are offered for sale, and above all indicates respect for our mother earth that has been mistreated for too long


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